Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Confession #3 I Am My Mother

This one hurts to write but yes, I did inherit some traits from my mother.  One of those traits is throwing away magazines!  Not like a Hoarders type issue but definitely need a life coach to give me a push every now and then.  Mostly I cannot part with my Bon Appetit, Cooking Light and Southern Living magazines as I never know when I'll need that tip or trick or recipe.  We'll disregard the fact that you can find anything on the internet in 0.2 seconds.  Makes me wonder what traits my daughter will inherit from me...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Confession #2 Ironing

Its much easier to rewash the wrinkled clothes that having been sitting in your dryer for several days than to iron them!  Sure, you're using more resources (water, electricity, gas, etc) but the first time you burn your favorite shirt because you were daydreaming about having a maid to do this for you, it will be sooo worth it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Confession #1 Yard Work

I would rather mow grass than clean the house.  Why?  For one, it scores me points with all the other husbands in the neighborhood.  They ask their wives, why can't you mow the yard like so and so does.  Two, really, how hard is it?  You walk (or ride) behind a self-propelled lawn mower.  No one is tugging on your leg wanting attention or making more messes as you're trying to clean.  Three, it counts as exercise.  Yes, even if you're riding!  Those NASCAR drivers are called athletes so why can't a lawn mower driving mama?!